Screenshots of Gameplay

Daybreak is about a city under a sleep spell, that had slept for the last hundreds of years. The player is the only person to randomly get awakened and their objective is to collect pieces of light, during the deadly curfew measures, to bring back daylight.

Traditional Art Pieces

Mastercopy with changed figures. Acrylic on canvas.
Close up Still life of a dried artichoke
Interior study of my old home. Acrylic on canvas.
Still life. Acrylic on canvas
Observational hand studies

Sweet Dreams

This is one of my favorite digital paintings of one of my favorite original characters.

meet Sweet Dreams!

He is an entity attached to a dream catcher. However, only the owner of the dream catcher is able to see him. That being a 11 year old girl, who inherited this old piece from her dead big sister. This apathetic girl begins to form an unusual friendship with this creature, saying “sweet dreams’ every night before she goes to sleep. And the entity, who only seems to stare at her all the time, deems his name to be “Sweet dreams”


This is another original character of mine called Michi. Her names means the righteous way since she values truth and honesty. She is known as a wise spirit among the people in japan. Her first appearance is unknown but it was a long time ago. Since she remained the same for hundreds or maybe thousands of years people address her as a spirit.