A platform for a better game industry

Everyday it gets harder to break into the game industry, get recognized among thousands of other indie games, or escape the crunch and the bad working conditions. That is why the Gamer Market is here.

Gamer Market is a market network bringing game developers and gamers together through reward-based crowdfunding and opportunities for collaboration. We are a decentralized online game ’company’ that provides an umbrella entity for indie devs to collaborate under, with complete creative and managerial freedom.

Within the Gamer Market, only rulers are the gamers. If they like your project, if they provide engagement, if they want to play it; you will get funded along with many other resources to aid in your process.

if you are interested, please do reach out and lets change the industry for the better.

– Gamer Market Team

If you are an indie dev, part of a group, game or a studio, you can fill out the form below to get in the loop