Sweet Dreams

This is one of my favorite digital paintings of one of my favorite original characters.

meet Sweet Dreams!

He is an entity attached to a dream catcher. However, only the owner of the dream catcher is able to see him. That being a 11 year old girl, who inherited this old piece from her dead big sister. This apathetic girl begins to form an unusual friendship with this creature, saying “sweet dreams’ every night before she goes to sleep. And the entity, who only seems to stare at her all the time, deems his name to be “Sweet dreams”



Her name means great warrior woman in greek. She is a fighter roaming around no man’s lands. She has neither a nationality nor a place to call home. She is believed to be born from the ashes of the hottest fire that has ever wandered on earth. These legends and  beliefs come from her hair as red as the flame, her eyes as bright as the sun and her tremendous rage.  Aife supports no sides. However she travels through kingdoms and wars to help the side she believes that seeks for aid. Each and every battle she has fought in has ended in victory except one; The battle of the red hall. It was an ancient one to be exact but the ruins are still there to be seen. A human-like creature led the war who was later renamed as the flame slayer ohigi for she defeated the fury of the flames (aka aife, she had many names but this one is the most common one for the foreigners). After that one defeat Aife has lost her sight in her right eye and started to wear a mask and armor on her right side of her face and body. Since then her fury haven’t cooled down a bit, instead she kept having new names like rampage, temper, golden fury, and many others for her unstoppable  rage.

This is another original character of mine called Michi. Her names means the righteous way since she values truth and honesty. She is known as a wise spirit among the people in japan. Her first appearance is unknown but it was a long time ago. Since she remained the same for hundreds or maybe thousands of years people address her as a spirit.


Original species. A pink fairy like creature. Can be found in different colors even though most of them are pink.

The pink Mermaid

A dark skinned mermaid named wailele. Her nick is wai. She values fun and laughter and is very smart.  She loves mixing colors and creating  messy looks.